Student Enrichment

Here at Ormiston Maritime we believe strongly that learning extends well beyond the classroom and that an outstanding education should offer all students an extensive range of enrichment activities which will support them to be successful in life. Alongside an academically rigorous, challenging and thought provoking curriculum, extra-curricular activities, taking place during lunchtime and after school, are on offer. These activities provide opportunities for students to learn new skills, make new friendships and develop their confidence, teamwork and communication skills.

Enrichment means much more than that which happens in the mainstream curriculum. A key priority of the Academy is to develop student’s cultural capital by providing links to the wider world, encouraging our students to be aware of the exciting range of life experiences available to them. By providing these opportunities for students to engage in activities outside the classroom, we hope to encourage them to see themselves as young people entitled to and able to take advantage of, culturally enriching experiences through their lives.

Our aim with enrichment at Ormiston Maritime Academy is to:
• Help students gain exposure to new subjects and disciplines
• Allows our students to identify talents and key areas of interest
• Helps to reduce anxiety
• Increases student’s social and soft skills
• Allows our students to gain real world and applied experiences
• Enhances our student’s confidence in personal abilities
• Helps build great relationships between teachers and students.

Example of some of the opportunities available include;
• D of E
• Wide variety of sports clubs. Football, Rounders, Netball
• Cadets
• Go Green Gardening
• Student Council
• Science clubs
• Music Club
• Philosophy
• Maths clubs
• Chess
• Art and Design

Planned Enrichment Activities – 2022/2023