The Ormiston Maritime Academy Science curriculum team is committed to challenge ALL pupils to make greater than expected progress by embedding retrieval.

We want to inspire students to discuss and question the world around them, to have fun and love learning science.

We uphold the values of the Academy and encourage students to persevere, be independent and respect the world around them.

Rationale behind our curriculum

In key stage 3 we follow the National curriculum the rationale behind this is that it provides broad and balanced scientific content that will build on previous learning and prepare students with an understanding of basic scientific concepts for moving on to GCSE and A-level science. We have also extended our curriculum beyond the minimum expectations by focusing our units around careers. We want to create real life links between learning in the classroom and their potential future career options. This isn’t tokenistic it is integrated in daily life within science. In respect to our Key stage 4 curriculum students are following the AQA curriculum. It covers a broad and balanced list of science topics which builds seamlessly from Key Stage 3. Also lots of other Ormiston schools follow the AQA curriculum, this enables us to share best practice and expertise to further develop teaching, share resources where required ask for advice on assessments, revision and grade boundaries.

Where can studying Science take you? Click on the link below: