The aim of the Ormiston Maritime Academy Social Science department is to broaden students’ understanding of the world around them and develop their cultural capital. To engage students in meaningful and informed oracy and debate over controversial and often misunderstood elements of not only our own society, but those around the world. Social Sciences gives students an additional chance to make sense of human behaviour and to focus on the profound social changes and challenges that we all face in the 21st century. Discussion, debate and retrieval practice lay at the heart of the classroom. Students are challenged to communicate clearly, through oracy and literacy.   

Where studying learning for life can take you?

Post GCSE Options:

Study A Level Sociology. University courses in Sociology can lead to a range of careers such as Journalism, the Legal Profession, Social Work, Teaching, Nursing, Marketing, Public Relations, Social Research, Civil Service, Market Research, the Police and even Politics.