Careers Guidance

Careers Education Information Advice and Guidance(CEIAG)

At Ormiston Maritime Academy, we believe that effective careers guidance contributes to raising aspirations, improving motivation, and overcoming barriers to success. We are committed to delivering high quality CEIAG which empowers pupils to make informed career decisions.

Our goal is to equip all our pupils with the necessary skills to adapt to an ever-changing economic climate, inspiring them to become life-long career learners. This is achieved through a comprehensive programme of activities that spans Year 7 through Year 11, and is based on the nationally recognised Gatsby Benchmarks.

Specific Careers Information

You can view an array of details from photos to events for specific year groups, for parents there is information events and links to labour market information, and for businesses there is information about events and partnerships which you may be able to support with. Please get in touch if you would like to be part of the Ormiston Maritime Academy careers journey.

Meet the Careers Team

Miss V Thornton – Careers Lead

T: 01472 310015
E: [email protected]

Mrs E Sims – SLT Link

T: 01472 310015
E: [email protected]

Mrs P Scott – Governor Link

T: 01472 310015

Graham Peart – CEIAG External Advisor

T: 01472 310015

Rachel Crowder – Careers Advisor
E: [email protected]

Paula Thompson – Careers Advisor
E: [email protected]

Katie Tune – Careers Advisor
E: [email protected]

2022/23 Careers Programme

You can download the academy’s 2023/24 careers programme below.

Useful Downloads & Resources

Click the button below to visit the Unifrog website – The complete destinations platform.

How we Measure & Assess the Impact of the Careers Programme

We regularly request feedback from parents, pupils, local further education and apprenticeship providers and employers to ensure that we are continually improving our careers programme, which is updated annually. Teaching staff and tutors are involved in the delivery of the careers programme and also provide support on careers off-timetable days ensuring that they are able to make the link between curriculum subjects and careers.

In year 11 all our pupils will complete a “What Next” proforma to inform us of their intended destination which is tracked through Compass+. In addition to this, the data enables us to monitor our pupil destinations and the number of students who progress into various post-16 opportunities. Close links with providers enables them to provide follow-up information, which serves to monitor drop-out rates from destinations. These factors are taken into consideration when reviewing the CEIAG programme.