Governance Declaration

Ormiston Maritime Academy’s vision is for all young people to have the highest academic, social, and practical skills to allow them to lead a fulfilling life. We are determined to become the Academy that makes the biggest difference to our students, and their families; providing great education will make a difference to them and to the community in which they live.

Governors work as a team to support the Academy. They challenge its progress and make sure that students are getting the education they deserve.

Inspection evidence tells us that there is a relationship between good governance, the quality of leadership and management and the quality of student achievement.

Governors are valued members of the Ormiston Maritime Academy and have the opportunity to make a positive difference in the lives of young people through education.

Governance Documentation

Contact the Governors

Mr Alan Nicolson
Chair of Governors
Care of Ormiston Maritime Academy
Westward Ho
North East Lincolnshire
DN34 5AH

Governance Structure – January 2022

Our Local Governing Body members are from a range of backgrounds and are all members of the Governing Body for different reasons. These individuals come together to provide their collective views on progress and achievement of our objectives.

Local Governing Body Member List: January 2022