Wearing the Academy Uniform

Wearing the Academy uniform is an important factor in establishing a pride in and identity with, the Academy. At the same time, minimises social divisions between students. We expect all students to represent Ormiston Maritime Academy with very high personal standards and a high level of respect that they show towards themselves and the Academy in the way they wear the uniform.

The Uniform

  • Plain black school trousers. Trousers must be worn outside socks
  • White plain collared shirt
  • Plain black or grey socks
  • Black polishable sensible shoes, not trainers or leisure shoes ( see details below)
  • The official Academy clip on tie
  • Blazer ( Details below)
  • Academy cardigan (optional)
  • Plain black knee length skirt (Please note, the skirt must be approved by the Academy, no other skirt will be permitted in the Academy)
  • Plain black school trousers. Trousers must be worn outside socks
  • Plain black tights (40+ denier)
  • Plain black socks
  • White plain collared blouse
  • The official Academy clip on tie
  • Black polishable sensible shoes (no heels), not trainers or leisure shoes ( see details below)
  • Blazer  ( Details below)
  • Academy cardigan (optional)
  • This must be a black Academy blazer with the Ormiston Maritime logo on the top pocket
  • This must be worn at all times – travelling on corridors, in social areas, entering and leaving classrooms, entering and leaving the Academy grounds. Teachers can grant permission to students to take the blazer off inside the classroom but if travelling between rooms on the corridor then students must be wearing it
  • Students are permitted to remove their blazer at break and lunchtimes if outside playing football
  • Sleeves must be down at all times
  • Collars flat
  • No badges to be worn unless presented by the Academy or its staff
  • These should be plain black and polishable with no coloured tags, logos, stripes, piping, laces or decoration
  • They should be flat with no heel
  • They must have toes, sides and full backs
  • Black canvas pumps, boots and trainers are not permitted
  • During inclement weather students are permitted to wear alternative footwear for their journey to and from the Academy but they will be expected to change into their normal Academy footwear on arrival
  • Black or red and black top with Academy logo
  • Plain black shorts or black with red flashes
  • Red socks
  • ¾ or full length plain black bottom
  • Black PE hoodie with OMA logo (Optional)
  • Black and red rugby/long sleeved sports shirt (optional)
  • Students may wear any combination of the PE kit that they feel most comfortable in
  • They should be large enough to hold an A4 folder without it having to be bent or folded
  • Coats must only be worn over the top of the blazer, not underneath
  • Hooded tops are not acceptable in the Academy or instead of a blazer
  • Outdoor coats should be removed as soon as the student enters the Academy
  • Gloves, scarves and hats are not allowed to be worn in the Academy building at all but can be worn on the way to and from school
  • A wrist watch, smart watches are not permitted
  • Earrings – no more than one small stud (plain gold or silver) in each earlobe, no other facial or body jewellery is permitted including rings, bracelets and necklaces.
  • No Tattoos’
  • Nail varnish is not allowed (also false nails are not permitted). Make-up should be barely noticeable and of a natural look.
  • Should be neat and of a natural colour and must not follow the extremes of fashion
  • No shaved patterns allowed
  • Hair accessories (hair bobbles, Alice bands, clips, slides etc) should be appropriate for the Academy and should be plain black
  • Long hair needs to be tied back in PE, Science and Technology

Purchasing the uniform

The majority of the uniform can be bought from high street shops and supermarkets. However, there are a couple of uniform items that can be purchased from the following suppliers:

To buy the Blazer, Tie and PE Kit

Uniform Direct

54 Victoria St S, Freshney Place, Grimsby DN31 1BL

Normally open Monday – Saturday 9am – 5pm (this may vary around holidays and bank holidays)

The Uniform Hut

123-125 Pasture St, Grimsby DN32 9EE

Normally open 9.30am – 4.30pm ( this may vary around holidays and bank holidays)

Ormiston Maritime Academy

Tie can be Purchased for £6 in cash or paid for via parent pay

Please note the following uniform regulations, which apply to boys and girls:

The Principal reserves the right to send a student home if he/she is not in the appropriate uniform.

  1. Students are expected to wear their uniform correctly to and from the Academy. Whilst in uniform students are to follow Academy rules.
  2. Academy uniform is to be worn when representing the Academy.
  3. Students should wear their blazers inside the Academy building and on their journey to and from the Academy. Outdoor coats and scarves should not be worn inside the building.
  4. Permission must be obtained from the Principal if a student needs to change out of uniform before leaving the Academy.
  5. Any items of jewellery that do not meet the Academy requirements will be confiscated on sight. The member of staff confiscating it will seal it in an envelope bearing the students name and take it to the main office.
  6. Any jewellery confiscated for inappropriate use can only be collected by a parent/carer from the main Academy reception until 4pm each day.